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HaeNuLi Shin - Designer

Hello, I am HaeNuLi, but feel free to call me Nunu. I'm a Japanese fashion call Lolita fashion designer from Korea. I have focused on Lolita fashion for since 2007 year, which also included work as an illustrator. Although I am most well known for my artwork series showing the relationship between a girl and a skeleton published in the book Their Story: The Story You Don't Know. I continually want to expand myself with diverse moods and styles, going from gloomy to fairy tales, doll creation to book design, and everything in between.



-Invited Guest : La Villa Quai Sturm, France


* Busineess merged with "Iris Gadren X Haenuli"

-Vendor : KamiCon

-Pop Up store : Pink Moon , CA, USA

-Pop Up store : Harajuku heart, CA, USA

-Vendor: Fanime Con ,USA

-Vendor: Jard sale, USA

-Vendor : Ursa Major USA

-Vendor : Nightshade posion Gadrden USA

-Invited Guest : A-Kon, Texas USA

-Invited Guest : Kei-Con 2023 Canada


-Vendor: Pop-Up Shop Iris Garden & Haenuli @ Hotrod, CA, USA

-Vendor : Fanime Con USA

-Vendor: Paradiso, USA

-Invited Guest : Anime Expo, USA

-Invited Guest : Tekko, USA

-Vendor : Fete Galante Roi Soleil, France


-Vendor : Ursa Major², USA

-Published : The Wandering Spirit Tarot Deck

-Published : The Wandering Spirit Tarot Artbook

-Vendor : Royal Vegas Retreat : Pretty Princess, USA

-Vendor : Holiday J-fashion Pop up Shop : Bay Area Kei, USA


-Sponser : Brilliant Deco, Japan

-Collaboration : Puvithel "Medical Melancholy" ,USA

-Vendor : Bay Area Kei, USA


-Invited guest & Interview Brilliant Deco, Japan

-Invited guest in event: Traumerei, Germany


-Invited guest : Gothic & Lolita, Japan
-Invited guest in convention: Myths of our Own, Ireland


-Invited guest in convention: Tekko, USA
-Invited guest in event: Cakes & Couture, USA
-Invited guest in convention: Akon, USA
-Invited guest in event: HalloWien, Austria


-Invited guest in convention: Wicked and Whimsy, UK


- Fashion show: PMX, USA
-Invited guest in convention: Ruffle Con, USA
- Fashion show: Dream Fantasy Theater, USA
- Fashion show: Kingdom of Crowns, Argentina
- Fashion show: SMASH!, Australia
- Fashion show: Morden Doll Fest, France
- Fashion show: Palace of Princes Nightfall Lolita, USA


- Fashion show: PMX, USA
- Fashion show: SMASH!, Australia


- Fashion show: MomoCon, USA
- Artist alley: Xcon World, USA
- Fashion show: AWA, USA
- Vendor: Frill, USA
- Convention: Lolita Fashion Convention, France
- Fashion show: Frock On, UK


- Launching Party: Baroque & Dear. Margaret & Haenuli, Korea
- Fashion Show: Bouquet Show/Green Flower, Korea
-Convention: Lolita Day 14th - Seoul
- TV broadcast: Seoul Broadcasting System (SBS) “생방송 투데이” – Lolita Fashion
- Convention: Frill, USA
- Fashion show:  Otakon, USA
- Fashion show:PMX, USA
- Convention: Lolita convention – Gothic & Lolita (video), Russia
- Convention: Artist Ally – AWA, USA
- Convention: Fashion show – New Year Party with Haenuli, Russia


-Project : Haenuli (awarded start-up assistance from national event)
-Fashion Show: Secret Maze 4th, Korea
-Convention: Lolita Day 13th, Korea
-Convention: Lolita Day 12th, Korea
-Convention: Lolita Day 11th, Korea


- Convention: Lolita Day 10th, Korea

- Convention: Lolita Day 9th, Korea

- Convention: Lolita Day 8th, Korea
- Convention: SARAH 2nd, Korea


- Convention : Lolita Day 5th, Korea


- Convention: Lolita Day 5th, Korea


- Launching party: Party Heaven's Marchen, Korea
- Convention: Lolita Day 3rd, Korea

- Open: 하늘파람별누리

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