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Winnie-the-Pooh and Haenuli's collaboration dress. The print images are based on A.A.Miler the Original artwork in Winnie-the-Pooh.

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Did you ever day dream thinking your bedroom was a forest? Did you go on adventures with your stuffed animals? Make pillow and blanket forts? These are where some of my earliest peaceful memories were formed.

And I was never alone. I was always kept company with my fuzzy cute little teddy bear.

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When I was young I received a Winnie-the-Pooh video. This was a significant part of my childhood as I became friendly with all of the characters and saw how they appear in the original books and also the Disney versions.

Pooh was just the sweetest thing. This adorable fellow taught me that a simple teddy bear can be my best company; someone always there for me. I would never be alone without my teddy bear.

I am sure this story will not be unique to me. We all have memories of Pooh interspersed in our upbringing.

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Just like Christopher Robin, my teddy bear used to go everywhere with me when I was growing up. What kind of nostalgic memories do you have?

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Hello Dear, I am Haenuli Shin, but feel free to call me Nunu.

I am artist who has designed clothing for my own brand for 13 years; HAENULI. What started as an interest, became a passion, became my life. The time has been magical as I found who I am and have had the honor of meeting others around the globe. I found my community.

But work is work, and after releasing a new dress design every month, I needed a reset. In 2019, I took an "artistic  sabbatical" and took time to figure out what the next chapter of my life would be. I knew my fellow Lolitas were curious what I would do and I was right there along with them as I too was unsure of what was next.

At the Träumerei event by Street Fashion Europe in Rüdesheim, Germany, I mentioned my desire to work with indie designers and stretch myself with different kinds of art. That was harder to do with the pandemic but am really proud of my work with Puvithel and Mossbadger. And then, six months ago, something unexpected happened.

We all remember where we were when significant events happened in our lives. For Mr. Nunu and myself, the start of this year is stamped into our minds when we heard the original Winnie-the-Pooh book entered the public domain in the US (and turns out entered the public domain in Canada years prior). This news overcame the fact that we were going on our first holiday what felt like forever as we were suddenly consumed with the concept of making a dress that represented our upbringings. I had a new drive to wear my memories and let everyone see what was inside of me.

I present to you the fruits of that effort. I hope you enjoy.

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Wait... What is Lolita fashion?


Lolita fashion (rorīta fasshon, ロリータ・ファッション) is based on Japanese street fashion from Harajuku District in Tokyo. It started as a subculture in the late 1970s and spread overseas in the 1990s and 2000s. It is highly influenced by Victorian clothing and styles from the Rococo period. Despite the English name, this fashion style has nothing to do with age.  

There are many many different genres, styles, and substyles within Lolita fashion but the big three are 'gothic', 'classic' and 'sweet.' The garments themselves are typically OP (one-piece) and JSK (jumperskirt) but some SK (skirts) exist as well. This campaign offers the print design on all three. Due to its European influences, petticoats are commonly worn under the skirt, wigs, hair bows, bonnets, berets, knee socks, and ankle socks are also super common.

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When can I wear it?

There are many chances that you can wear Lolita fashion so feel free to wear it when you want! Just like any other kind of fashion. 

Wear it when you want something more unique. Dress up for a special occasion. Wear it for special theme meetings like Lolita fashion meet ups. Make a super cute photoshoot. How about a visit Disneyland and be on the lookout to meet Winnie-the-Pooh? If none of these strike your fancy, then wear it for your grocery shopping. Don it before going to a coffee shop. Honestly, the occasion is whenever you want to show off some fabulous clothes with Pooh and his friends!

Print details

Regular size JSK

Plus size JSK