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Lolita Fashion

Lolita fashion is a street fashion subculture derived from the Harajuku district in Japan since the 1980s. Heavily influenced by the Rococo period and Victorian fashion, it is a unique fashion style enjoyed by enthusiasts not only in Japan, but also in the West.

Using my name for the brand, I love to create lovely and elegant high fashion for women based on the Lolita fashion aesthetic mixed with a variety of unique concepts. All dresses and fabric prints are designed by me and carefully sewn and constructed by a team of professional seamstresses.

Lolita fashion was my full-time for around 13 years. I participated in a number of fashion shows in Korea, Japan, and European countries. The biggest advantage having my own fashion business is that I was able to work with every step of my designs, from selecting the type of lace and ribbon, to the fabric printing, advertising, and finally the silhouette of the completed clothes. Wanting the dresses to truly feel personal, I offered each dress in multiple colors, cuts, and sizes which resulted in each dress being unique rarity and unique. The responses from people continue to touch me and I am forever grateful.

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