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Hommage Photo shoot of Haenuli art work

Maria Mantis Photography's recent work "Einsamkeit (Part 3)" represent hommage of Haenuli's art work "Their Story - The Story You don't know" Book cover design :) She catch perfect implementation of my artworks. This is such a great honor, other wonderful artist recreate my works and inspired to each other :D Please check her wonderful works.

  1. Einsamkeit (Part 3) This is the furthest I will go. Never the same again. The vile path calling me, the day I ran from life again (translated from "Fjara" - Solstafir) About this very personal series: this photograph is the third from the "Einsamkeit" series, that deals with the struggle with inner darkness in gloomy hours and symbolises one way to cope with depression: accept it, learn to live with your "dark friend" and stop fighting against it exhaustively. I fought this battle years ago and realised, that acceptation, firm confrontation with my inner self and starting to take photographs was the only cure that relieved my pain and made me live more intense than ever! For this series I was totally inspired by wonderful artist Haenuli whose illustrations are a perfect visualisation of the feelings I had during dark times of depression and anxiety. This picture is an hommage to and photographical implementation of one of her most famous artworks, that immediately caught my eye when I discovered it the first time. Please visit her site and give her some Likes 📷<3 Thank you 📷<3 Maria Model in black | Mel Em Pire The girl | Lisa Hair/Makeup/Wings | Photo/Retouch | Maria Mantis Photography

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