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Photo shoot inspired by "Their Story"

Maria Mantis Photography took photo shooot inspired by art works "Their story - The Story You Don't know" and the pictures turns out so gorgeous and elegant touch, that I what I imagine in real life :) Thank you for the wonderful works.

------------------Einsamkeit----------------------- "The solitude and anger that do battle inside me Will always guide me to the answers that I know I may not see They are the bonds that hold me tighter, they are the chains that weigh on me One day I know they will be gone" (Ronan Harris) -Thanks to the fabulous team for making this project possible- Inspired by artists like Haenuli, whose illustrations are her way to cope with depression, and music from SÓLSTAFIR and parts of OSTs whilst editing For the right mood listen to: ---------------------------------------------------------- Einsamkeit Model in black: awsome Mel Em Pire The girl: lovely Lisa Spreading wings, Makeup, Hair: sublime Rope dress: fantastic Schnittmuskel and me Photo, Editing: Maria Mantis Photography Helping hand: beloved Oliver Schmid

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